i’ll PLAN YOUR Content – Keywords, Article Titles, and Silo Structure For Your Blog/Website

The Right Keywords, The Right Titles, The Right, and Consistency Will Bring You Customers

Niche Profitability Research
In-depth Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis
Article Titles Recommendation For Each Keyword
Design Silo Structure (Help Organize Your Blog/Website Content For Maximum Performance.
Other Useful Recommendations (Publishing Time and Day, Word Count of Every Article)
Action Plan (In a Well Organized and Understandable Excel Sheet.)

The right content on your website blog will bring you lots of traffic, leads, buyers and subscribers.

The questions are:

  • What Should You Write About
  • How Should You Write and
  • When Should You Publish Them?

By Buying my content strategy service, I will do all the work for you.

  • I will research the profitability of your niche,
  • I will do in-depth keyword research and give you exactly the ones you should be writing about,
  • You’ll get article Title Suggestions for each keyword ,
  • You get professional advice on how to organize the articles into Silos on your blog/website.
  • A publishing plan and date are drawn out for you as well.
  • All you will need is to create the articles and publish them. (you can also outsource this)

People(customers) go on google to search for “keywords”. 

How do you know the keywords you should be creating content about for your blog/website or online business?

That’s where I come in, “I will do in-depth keyword research while still analysing existing businesses in your business niche”.

Then, I will plan them out for you, and go as far as suggesting the best title for each keyword. really going to make your life easier.

and surely, you will get results in monetizable traffic, customers, and business leads. cos I am definitely picking the right keywords for you in terms of traffic potential, ease of ranking them, and general growth.

why so sure? I have done it for many blogs/websites/online businesses and we have had 100% success.

One more important factor:

According to Google’s latest Algorithm, Google encourages that sites consistently upload Content with a specific frequency.

2-3 articles per week is a good place to start.


Before creating a well-researched, organized, and SEO-based content plan for your site, I will examine:

  • Your Business Niche
  • In-depth Competitors Research
  • Keywords Stat Data
  • Social Media Trends
  •  Content Strategy Analysis
  • And Many Other Factors

One of the many blogs I have worked for does 1000 readers a month following my content strategy plan. oasdom.com

search console

Content is king, yeah, then

Keyword is the King Maker.

The Right Keyword = The Right Content = Attract Your Target Audience = Make Money$$$

This is the mistake that most new bloggers and website owners make. Some do not publish the right content while others are not publishing enough content.

Attract your target audience with the right content, monetize, rinse and repeat.

Therefore, to pick the best keywords and proper content plan for your business, I analyze a lot of keyword data and build a proper content strategy tailored to your blog, business or brand.

Michael Oke

Michael Oke

That's me up there, I take pride in my keyword research, seo-content writing and blogging skills.

Hello, nice to have you here. I am happy you got this part of this page.tongue-out

I help businesses and individual brands achieve growth through the content experience I have gathered and still gathering from way back in 2013 .

Let’s do amazing contents for your business too, I love it.

  • Keyword Research 100% 100%
  • Content Planning 95% 95%
  • Search Engine Optimization 90% 90%
  • Wordpress Blog/Content Management 96% 96%
  • Intermediate Experience in Standard WordPress Blog Setup 96% 96%


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Why should I hire you?

cos this is my game.

Well, I have done this before for real blogs and businesses and the results are amazing.

Websites and blogs that I have worked on directly and indirectly currently receives over 1 million SEO traffic every month

Do you will create content plan for any type of niche?

Yes, I can create a content plan for any type of niche except adult, prescription drugs, gambling, defamatory niches or anything which is unethical/illegal.

Do you do custom work or consulting?

Yes – I am always happy to help with any questions you have, don’t hesitate! just send me a message and I’ll do my best to help you and I love seeing your project grow and prosper.