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how to Make Money Selling Instagram Followers With Your Smartphone.
how to Earn Dollars through Blogging. (Road Map to Blogging In Nigeria)
 Secret Revealed: $1000 EVery Month Through Affiliate Marketing 
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Owner of Dilligentworks.com and Co-Owner Gadgetstripe.com(Top 3 tech Blog in NIGERIA)
Michael Oke

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#1. Make Money Selling Instagram Followers With Your Smartphone

All you need for this business is your smartphone

You will learn how to increase the followers of any Instagram page and how to make money doing it.

How To Grow The Followers of any Instagram Page
Case Study - How I made $20,000 Selling Instagram Followers
Make money selling Instagram followers
How to find customers and make money using Instagram Hashtags
hashtag to dollar online course

#2. Blogging Cheat Code - Start a  Blog That earns Dollars In Nigeria

Real Life example With Owogram.com

blogging road map

Owogram.com is a lifestyle blog with over 200,000 monthly visitors.

Want to learn how to start a blog like owogram.com and make money  in Nigeria?

How to create a professional and well-optimized blog by yourself without having to pay a website developer.
How to pick a lucrative niche to blog about.
How to select the articles to write about
How to Write articles that drive Free Traffic From Google( This is a high income skill on its own called SEO)
6 ways to make money from your blog

#3. How To Open a Paypal Account That Can Recieve Money and Withdraw To a Nigerian Bank Account

Get Paid Easily By International Clients

When you start making dollars online, one difficult hurdle is receiving money from international clients as most of them will request that they pay you via PayPal.

The problem is, the Paypal accounts available to Nigerians do not have the required functionalities to solve this problem.

Therefore, this tutorial will help you create your own Paypal account which can receive dollars/pounds/euros and also send to your Nigerian Bank account.

I covered the folllowing in this Guide

Open A Verified Paypal Account In Nigeria
Open A USA Bank Account
Connect This Paypal Account to  a USA Bank Account and then to a Nigerian Bank Account.
Start Receiving Payments With Your New Paypal Account
paypal cover

#4. Affiliate Marketing Road Map

A Blue Print For Recurring Income

This is going to be a quick guide on how to start affiliate marketing and make your first $1,000, promoting products and services.

Affiliate marketing is one of the world’s most popular methods of generating passive income online, and it continues to grow. 

In fact, affiliate marketing spend is reported to increase to $8.2 billion by 2022 — up from $5.4 billion in 2017. 

In this guide, you'll find answers to the following questions:

What exactly is affiliate marketing?
How does affiliate marketing work? - Real life examples
 How do I start affiliate marketing?
How much can I make from affiliate marketing?
You’ll also find practicable tips that will help you generate your first $1,000 affiliate income in no time. 
affiliate marketing

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"Thanks to mike, 2022 was a fantastic year for me. Selling instagram followers to an international audience changed my life"


Olalekan Mumuni


"I started my first blog, Liststripe.com in 2022 and sold it for #350,000 in 2022 (I needed money). I am now into travel blogging and this time that am sure of what I am doing, its going to be loud. Watch out Mike"


Precious Ajala

Travel Blogger 

"I am a Tailor, sorry, fashion designer. combining my skill with blogging is the real deal". It changed my life. Thanks to Mike for making me start my blog mynativefashion.com


Juliana Adigun

Fashion Blogger

Are You Serious About Earning Money Online?; Learn An "High-Income Skill" and Monetize It.

There are over 1 million searches every month for the term; “How To Make Money Online”.

Look at the figures below from the google keyword tool:

how to make money online searches

While many people are on the lookout for that one thing that they could do to make money online, only a few find the right answers and quite a few take action.

It also happens that many information, courses, and pages on the topic of earning money online in Nigeria are usually vague.


This one that you are reading right now is different!!!, all you need is to take action.

You must have heard  it many times that to make money, you must be able to provide value in exchange, usually in the form of a service or product. 
cos there is no free money anywhere.

In this online course, I will teach you some high-demand, high-income skills. You will learn and master some of the skills within 30 minutes and then I will show you how you can use this skill to make serious money.

Let’s get to it;


Make Money Online Selling Instagram Followers

Do you know that you can Make money growing Instagram pages?. You’ll learn how to grow any Instagram page and more importantly, how to monetize this skill for massive profits.

A skill That Can Earn You Quick Money

As of today, there are over 1.2 billion active users on Instagram.

For I and you that want to make money, there is something we can sell to all of these people, in fact, 80% of Instagram users are potential buyers.

I mean all of us Instagram users would want some followers for our pages right?.

and for businesses, it’s a necessity to have some number of followers on their Instagram pages.

Look at the image below, a screenshot from google keyword tools shows that there are over 2 million searches every month on the “buy Instagram followers topic”(worldwide)

Your Job is To Help People Grow Their Instagram Followers

The good news is, it is the easiest thing anyone can do. Just that most people have not researched enough, and that is actually what we want.

We will help them grow their Instagram followers and we get paid doing so.

Soft Work;

You Charge based on the number of followers.

For Example:

  1. 1000 Followers Can Be $12
  2. 10,000 Followers Can Be $100

  3. 100, 00 Followers Can Be $500

You can also sell instagram followers to Nigerians too.

1. You will learn how to grow followers for any Instagram Page

2. You will learn how to sell this service and find endless customers on Instagram using hashtags

3. If you already have a business, you will learn how to use hashtags to grow your page/business and increase sales.

paypal sales record


  1. Full Story - "How I Used Hashtags to Find Customers For These Business That Paid Me Over $20,000 Back in 2021"
  2. Learn How To Increase The Followers of Any Instagram Page,
  3. How To Make Money Doing This For Others With Your Smartphone
  4. How To Use This Information To Grow Your Business

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The Blogging Road Map.
How to Start Your Own Blog & Make Dollars Consistently From it.

My name is Michael Oke, and I am the Owner of Dilligentworks.com, a SEO  agency. I also own and co-own successful blogs like Owogram.com, Oasdom.com, Gadgetsripe.com, Mediaboosternig.com and Forexdominant.com to mention a few blogs that I own.

All these websites combined receive over 2 Million Website Traffic From Google every month. That actually transmits to 6 figures in passive income every year.

Note that I am in Nigeria and I did all of that.

Most of these blogs mentioned above make an average of $15,000 every year. These results usually starts happening after 9 months of consistent article publishing.

The real secret of making money with blogging is having multiple blogs. Which means, if you can learn the processes to be successful and profitable with a single blog, all you need is to duplicate your experience on other blogs, hire writers and wait for a maximum time of 9 months to start seeing results.

For that reason, this course will not just focus on how to make money blogging but rather how to start and run your first blog by yourself.

Once you understand the rudiments, all you need do is be consistent and I guarantee money will follow. Money like you have never immagined.

I Promise, this will be the one-stop interactive guide that will take you by hand from the very start, especially if you’re a beginner.

This course content is tutored by my colleague, Steve. and everything you will learn here can be done by youself if you are willing to spend some little time to learn how it is done.

What You WIll Learn: How to Start Your Own Blog & Make Money Online

You will be able to do all of these by yourself. You will be able to build a website with WordPress and you will learn SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

STEP 1: Choose A Profitable Blog Topic To Focus On(NICHE)
STEP 2: Choose Your Blog Name
STEP 3: Pick The Best Web Hosting Service to Start Your Blog
STEP 4: Install WordPress On Your Blog (Very Easy)
STEP 5: Design Your Blog With The Best WordPress Theme
STEP 6: Write Your First Blog Post and Make It Rank On Google!
STEP 7: Market & Promote Your Blog
STEP 8: Make Money From Your Blog

Look at the results below from a Google Adsense account that got approved recently. You are not necessarily going to start achieving the kind of results displayed below in 6 months.

This is just to motivate you. and I am challenging you today; start a blog and do it consistently for a year.

You will make MONEY!! It's a Guarantee.

N1000 Only!! For 4 Life Changing Online Courses

Actual Price: ₦20,000

NEW PRICE: ₦12,000 ONLY FOR ALl 4 Courses- 24 HOURS OFFER

Meet The Tutors

The moment you start listening to successful people, you are already one step away from becoming  successful yourself.


Digital Marketer and SEO

I am the owner of Dilligentworks.com. I help businesses grow backlinks, create SEO content and I run other personal blogs too. I see myself as a typical Nigerian hustler, always looking for opportunities and new ways to earn. All the information shared in this course have been practiced in reality and proven to earn good income. 


Blogger, Content Manager, Writer and WordPress Site Creator

Started with Oasdom.com and then Owogram.com. Right now, I own over 7 blogs that I run from home. Blogging is my fulltime Job. This information is for you if you can be patient and consistent. No doubts, you will surely be successful.

Don't be suprised if you see me hustling jobs on Upwork too. Dangote still dey find money.

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Affiliate Marketing Road Map to Your First $1000 (EBook)
Paypal Account Tutorial (EBook)
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