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You must have been using hashtags incorrectly too!! let’s change that and start using them to grow your page organically.

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Read This If You Are Serious About Your Instagram Page

Do you want to grow your Instagram followers organically and get your page content to a larger audience?

The easiest, simplest and most cost-effective way is through targeted hashtags.

The problem is that many people are using the wrong hashtags and many don’t know how to use the right ones correctly.

Simply-Measured found that “posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than those without”.

Now, imagine what 30 correctly used hashtags in each post can do for you!!

“By Using Hashtags Correctly”, you can generate more engagement, grow your followers and most importantly, generate more sales.

For real? yeah, that’s for real. I have done this before and it is what I am about to show you in this online course.

My name is Michael Oke, and I am the Owner of, a social media agency. I also own and co-own successful blogs like,, and to mention a few blogs that I own.

All these websites combined receive over 2 Million Website Traffic From Google every month. That actually transmits to 6 figures in passive income every year.

Managing and working on many different websites means that I must be a good writer and a decent search engine marketer at the same time. and that’s true about me.

But, I was going to start trying my hands on another online business model back at the beginning of 2021 and it required something that I have not really practised in a long time; that is; “Managing an Instagram Pages For Businesses as an Agency”. I figured that I could quickly get customers for my new business through Instagram.

The question is, how will I achieve this? How do I find customers directly on Instagram? How do I grow my followers and get content to post without stressing my time and pocket?

I tried many things that didn’t work. but by being dogged, patient and persistent, I became successful with time.

I was able to:

1. Grow my Page to Over 20, 000 Followers,
2. Generate Over $20,000 in Total Sales,
3. Create Thousands of Content in a Matter of Days
4. Get More Visibility and Engagements to My Lonely Posts

All these sales from using hashtags alone? Yes, absolutely, over $20,000 and 20,000 followers were generated directly on Instagram while others came from the google ads platform and referrals.

paypal sales record

I know I did many things right, but one that stood out and I have tested on other pages is the ”Use of Laser Targeted Hashtags”.

Below are the 4 things that I eventually did that brought me success;

1. I Optimized my Instagram Profile For User Searches.
2. I Posted at least one piece of content per day.
3. I Hacked Social Proof (I will explain this to you)
4. I Used The Right Hashtags in the right places and at the right time!!!



No Matter The Kind of Business or page You are Trying to build on Instagram, Hashtags Can Give Your More Visibility

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How to Rank Your Posts For Instagram Hashtags to Grow Your Followers
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Hashtag to Dollars PDF Guide That Highlights All Important Tips (FREE PDF)
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Hashtag to Dollars $19.99

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The Course is Divided into 5 Smaller Modules to Help You Grasp the Information Quickly and Easily. You Will Also Be Able to Ask Questions in the Comment Area of Each Lesson.


Module 1 : Introduction - Hashtag To Dollars

  • Introduction – The Money is On the Gram
  • Case Study – How Instagram Hashtags Helped Me Find Customers That Paid Me Over $20,000

2 Lessons.

Module 2 : Bio and Page Optimization

  • Introduction to Bio Optimization – Why?
  • Bio Optimization – Tip 1: Optimize Your Instagram Profile Picture
  • Bio Optimization – Tip 2: Switch Profile to Business Profile
  • Bio Optimization – Tip 3: How To Pick Instagram Usernames
  • Bio Optimization – Tip 4: How to Optimize Bio Name Field To Rank For User Searches
  • Bio Optimization – Tip 5: How to Write a Well Optimized Bio (Example)
  • Bio Optimization – Tip 6: The Best Way to Add Links To Your Instagram Bio
  • Bio Optimization – Tip 7: Adding Contact Details To Your Instagram Bio

8 Lessons


  • 100 Content Ideas – You’ll Never Run Out Of Content Ever Again
  • Content Focus: How To Get Unlimited Access to Memes and Use As In
  • Content Focus: Use Quotes/Facts to Generate 100 Pieces of Content at a Go
  • Content Focus: Puzzles and Brain Teasers
  • Content Focus: Interview Leaders in Your Niche
  • How To Schedule Instagram Posts Within Minutes – 2 Best Ways

6 Lessons.


  • Social Proof Explained – A Must Read
  • Grow Your First 1k Followers Organically
  • Captions Make Your Post Complete
  • Your First 10k – 100k Followers – Fast Route

4 Lessons.


  •  +Use Instagram Hashtags To Freely Get Your Lonely Posts in Front a Large Audience
  • Where is The Best Place to Use Hashtags – in The Comments OR in the Captions Area?
  • How to Find Hashtags to Grow Your Followers, Increase Engagement and Get Leads – Example
  • Method 1: How to Rank Hashtags To Grow Followers, and Increase Engagements.
  • Method 2: How to Rank Hashtags To Generate Sales, Followers.

5 Lessons.


Michael Oke


I am a full-time blogger and owner of a small social media agency and this is the second online course I have created in the past 3 years.

I hope the information shared here helps you achieve your dreams, earn more money, get more fans and most importantly, give you that feeling of success.

Have Questions? Follow on Instagram to send a direct message or contact directly on the website.



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