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Instagram Will Not Respect Your Page If You Do Not Post at Least 1 Content Every day!! But, Here’s a solution.

Conclusion Reached After Analyzing Over 2000 Instagram Pages

“Do you know that to be successful on Instagram you must Post At Least 1 Content a Day, especially at the beginning of your journey? 

I realized this truth after analyzing thousands of Instagram pages of which I have shared some of the key findings of that research on this page.

Not everyone has the time or creativity to come up with creative and useful content every week not to talk of every day.

Also, it becomes difficult to come up with amazing content if your page is a business/brand page.

To solve this problem, I discovered a simple content idea that many of the successful Instagram pages that I analyzed are using to stay on top of their game.

I was then able to simplify this content Idea, converted it into a template and I have used it for my page and over 200 other Instagram pages and businesses. “Every one of these pages has grown in sales, followers and engagements”.

This Done-For-You Content Template Guarantees Consistency, Growth in Followers,  and Sales.

This content Idea is what I call the “Universal Content Template”.  This works for any kind of page or business in any niche.

This is what I have used to keep my page updated, and build trust and I have over 20k followers at the moment [@dilligentworks].

You will find sample contents below. I started this service as a free service to help the business pages that I manage and then I realized that there are many personal pages and businesses who can use this service to keep their pages updated, grow followers and make contribute to continuous sales.

First, let me show how I came about this content Idea, how I simplified and you can use it to grow your page and keep your page in high regard in the eyes of the Instagram algorithm. 


mock up

Surprising Discovery After Analysing Over 2000 Instagram Pages

Sometime in September of 2021, I set out to start analyzing different Instagram pages.

and since then, I have personally checked and analyzed over 2000 Instagram Pages.

Why did I do this? I was creating blog posts for a social media blog and I was paid to analyze the pages of some popular models on Instagram and create content around them.

After I had analyzed over 100 pages in that niche, I made it a goal to analyze top pages in other niches as I was going to use the information to create useful content for other blog sites I was writing for.

To date, I have manually checked and analyzed over 2000 Instagram pages.

These are the stuff I looked at;

  • Number of Followers
  • Number of Posts and Posting Frequency
  • Engagements Compared with Number of Followers
  • Types of Posts
  • Hashtags Usage

There is a lot of useful insights that I discovered from this research.

But here are two that I want to share with you today:

#1. The Most Successful Pages On Instagram Posted at least Once Per Day – You Need to Emulate this By Using My Content Template

To be honest, the hottest pages with lots of engagements posted up to 7 times and more. but the least is 1 post per day.
Successful pages for me are pages with a considerable number of engagement on all posts when compared to the number of followers.

It was amazing to find pages with not up to 500k Followers, but manage to drive over 1k-20k comments per content which are usually funny videos and Inspirational contents.

I also discovered a Page that posts more than 10 times per day, and each of these posts generates more than 1k comments, sometimes 20k comments.

“Some of these contents are just “word content”, memes, funny quotes, and life quotes. and that is one of the golden secrets I was able to uncover this from this research”.

How can you use this Information to grow your page, to remain consistent, and make more sales?

That leads to something else I discovered while analyzing these pages;

#2. The Simplest Content That Anyone Can Easily Post on Instagram to Remain Consistent are “Well Designed Picture Quotes” or “Pictures with Word Captions”.

Everyone hits what I call the creativity block, where you run out of content ideas of what to post on Instagram.

Then I noticed a pattern across many of the pages I analyzed regardless of the niche or industry.

Nearly all the pages I considered as successful pages used this type of content, that is; Image Quotes, Image Facts,  or Pictures with Image captions on them.

Most of them are carefully researched so as to generate engagement. Usually, meaningful Picture Quotes that resonate with the audience.

See Examples Below:


Step 1

I create a word document that contains all the “carefully-researched” word contents, quotes and facts related to my page’s business. (I will Do the EXACT SAME FOR YOUR PAGE) – See Sample Below

Step 2

I Have Designed 3 Separate Templates That Will HOUSE THE CONTENTs – and These are the Exact Templates I will Use For You (The Caricature and Logo Will Be Created For YOu – see sample below)

3 proven templates image

Step 3


hashtag course content
content design content

See Other Popular Pages Using This Kind Of Content

This page is one of the most successful pages I researched on Instagram. More like an entertainment blog page.  With over 1.4 Million Followers, this Page Always uses “Picture + Word” Content and it generally gets over 5k Comments. @MufasaTundeEdnut on Instagram

Tunde Ednut

70% of the Content on This Instagram Page are Quotes and “Picture + Word” Contents. Name of Business is @Foundr on Instagram. As you can see, this post has over 2k likes and good number of comments.

Foundr Uses Quote Picture

Here is a Travel Agency Business on Instagram using “Picture + Text” Content on Instagram @Putovatconsulting on Instagram.

Here is a Business In The Crypto Currency Niche. Observe it Uses Uses “Picture + Text” . @Binance on Instagram


Here is a GYM Pushing its business On Instagram. They are Also using the Quotes Kinds of Content to Promote Their Business. @Goldsgym on Instagram.



Just like many other Instagram business pages that I currently work with. I will research these word contents for your page or business and convert them into beautiful Instagram posts.

You also get a Logo and a Caricature Image of You or Your Product.

Therefore, down below this page, you can order 120 Pieces of such content that you can use to keep your page updated, increase your authority as a brand, engage existing followers and grow more sales by increasing customer trust.

This content will be carefully researched by my team using the experience we already gathered and you can be sure to get meaningful results.

  • You tell us Your Page Handle/Username On Instagram
  • You Tell Us What Your Page or Business is All About (Travel agency, Fitness, Fashion, Politics, Shoes, Make-Up, Weight Loss, Religion e.t.c.)
  • You tell us The Color You Would Prefer For Your Content
  • You Submit Your Logo if You Have One. (If not we design one for you)
  • You also Submit Your Picture(Head Shot) That will be converted into a caricature Image
  • You can as well submit your website if you have one

Then, I and my team will proceed to do our magic;

  • We Observe Your Page and Then Compare Other Pages in Your Industry,
  • We research the Best Content That Can Drive Engagement For Your Page
  • We Then Convert The Words into Elegant Picture Contents.
  • We Would Send You one Sample of the Job Done Before Proceeding.
  • You Get Your Contents  in 4 days
  • You get A Free PDF on How to Schedule all the Content within 15 Minutes.
  • You Can Now Go On a 120 Days Spree of consistent Instagram Content.

Use This Contents To Grow Your Page

I have checked through many Instagram pages across many industries and I discovered that 90% of successful pages use this kind of content. In fact, This is the same content I am using on my page @dilligentworks.

 SiKeep Your Page Updated and Beat the Instagram Algorithm

You will Never Ever Run Out of Content Again!!

We Help You Research and Design 120 Contents For Your Page. The Good thing is each content costs less than $1. That makes it a good investment.

  • You Get Something to Post on Your Page every single day. (With a small budget)
  • Get Instagram to Respect Your Page
  • Save Time and Continue Doing Things That Matter
  • You Continue to Grow Your Authority, Followers, and Generate Sales

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