How To Earn Money Online in Nigeria.
 Two Online Business That's Profitable in Nigeria.

If You Earn $100 a month, that is 70,000 Naira and if you earn $1000 a month, that is 700,000 Naira.

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Two Online Business Models That Works In Nigeria. (Earned Over $40,000 In The Past 2 Years)

I know sey na money you dey find. What if someone shows you the way? How much are you going to pay?

#1. Earn Money Online Growing Instagram Pages(With Your Smartphone)...

This can be done using your smartphone alone. 
You will learn "how to grow any Instagram page" and "how to earn meaningful income doing so".

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#2. The Blogging Road Map . How To Start A Profitbable Blog In Nigeria

Blogging changed my life. I learned every thing online by myself  and I did a lot of trial and error. Today, I am a guru, infact it is possible you were redirected from one of my blogs to this page. I will teach you how to earn life changing income from blogging.(google adsense, affiliates, sponsored articles and digital product sales)

I don't Beleive you. This is Easier Said Than Done Joor!!

Doubting Thomas!!! I am going to give you a free gift today. I will gift you an exclusive ebook, It can change your life positively forever. - This ebook will show you proven methods that any one can use to earn money online in Nigeria. 

Why You Must Be Earning in Dollars and How You Can Do So Consistently

If you can earn $100 a month, that is over 70,000 Naira. and if you earn just $1000, that is 700,000 Naira. 

Anyone earning in the dollar will find life easier than anyone earning in Naira. 

If you want to quickly achieve financial freedom, then you must start earning in Dollars.

4 Standard Ways to Earn Money on The Internet

It is funny to me that many Nigerians believe that once they browse a website with their internet data, then the website earns money from their internet data automatically.

No, Not at all!!!. Your internet data does not go to any website as money. All the profit from your internet data goes to your Mobile network providers, MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and the Rest.

I uncovered the myths about earning money online and also revealed 4 popular online business models.

Proven Method 1: You Earn Money Online Growing Instagram Pages.

I made profits of at least $20,000 in 2021 from this business. How can you get started in this business? I explained the process in this part of the book.

Proven Method 2: Blogging For Money 

The first blog I started together with my bro was Oasdom.com. Within 12 months we had over 200k website traffic every month. How can you start small and monetize your blog in Nigeria? 

Xclusive Information - Affiliate Marketing Guide  Ebook

This is going to be a quick guide on how to start affiliate marketing and earn online promoting products and services.
In this guide, you'll find answers to the following questions:

  • What exactly is affiliate marketing?
  • How does affiliate marketing work? - Real-life examples
  • How do I start affiliate marketing?
  • How much can I earn from affiliate marketing?

My name is Oke Michael

I am the founder CEO(oga patapata) of dilligetworks.com. Blogging since 2013 and also an experienced SEO and content creator. My story is the story of almost every Nigerian. Doing big things from a small place. Some of the blogs I run or co-run include dilligentworks.com, oasdom.com, gadgetstripe.com, and owogram.com just to mention a few.


Blogger, SEO and Internet Entrepreneur

Michael Oke

Nice to have you here, here is my message to you.

"Action is the foundational key to all success"

Start today!!

We've Helped To Open the Eyes of Nigerians to Legitimate Internet Businesses, and Now we are taking the message to a larger audience.

Here is what they had to say;


Adigun Julianah

Fashion Designer and Blogger @Mynativefashion.com

"Blogging exposed me to international clients from all over the world. It is a life changer if one can take actions and be consistent." Getting paid in pounds and dollars for agbadas and other native wears is so sweet guys.


Ajala Precious!

Student and Blogger @Liststripe.com

"Started earning online in 2021, though not yet at the final destination, things look great. Got few Nigerian customers that I sell Instagram followers to. and my blog List stripe now has over 3000 monthly visitors. Thanks To Mike.

This Page Contains Life Changing Information - Financial Freedom is Not Far Away!

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Want To Start Earning Dollars Online Legitimately?

The first step to earning is learning. Will you take this chance?


Michael Adeola - Digital Marketer and Blogger

Worked with reputable companies as a content creator and SEO. Today I run Dilligenworks as one of my other websites. You will find the Earn Dollars Online Course on the website.

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