I am Michael Oke, a Digital Marketer Specialist and SEO from Africa.

I am on an MSc Digital Marketing Programme at the University Of The West Of England, Bristol, United Kingdom.

I have enormous success as a Freelance writer, Content Designer,  Blogger and SEO specialist. This is my website, and I look forward to working on your projects.

I publish articles here, both marketing and non-marketing-related content.

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My Story

Back in 2011, I had just finished high school in Nigeria.

Internet penetration in my region was pretty low and expensive, but my dad made sure he provided me with that. So, I had been searching the internet for how to earn money online legally since then.

Fast forward to my university days, I was studying Mechanical engineering. For me, the lectures were boring. I was quick to conclude that, Mechanical engineering would not be worth it for me. Although I like to take the blame for my situation, on this one, I like to blame the educational system in my country.

Therefore, I decided to pursue digital marketing and information marketing. I tried my hands on blogging and SEO.

My first success was in 2013 when I promoted a music competition on Youtube and won a brand new Blackberry z10, $1000 and a brand new car, Kia Cerato 2014 model worth over $25,000 at that time.

Today, I am a self made blogger, SEO, and digital marketer. and  I have over 2 million monthly visitors directly from google to the blogs that I work on. (owogram.com and gadgetstripe.com to mention a few)

I also work with reputable brands as a writer and what I love the most is creating SEO articles. 

Therefore, you will be able to order my services on this website, blog articles, content strategy and promotion of your business on my network of blogs.

For now, make sure you patronize dilligentworks.com and use my services, products and content to improve your business.

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Michael Oke